Susana Miller

Senior Safety Specialist, GE Johnson Construction

Susana is a Senior Safety Specialist for GE Johnson Construction and a Certified Safety Professional with a background in Construction Safety & Health, and Engineering. She is also an Affiliate Faculty member for MSU Denver’s Construction Project Management degree program.

As a Safety & Health Professional, she leads and collaborates with project teams on the planning and execution of safety & health plans that lead to completion of construction projects with zero injuries. She works extensively with trade partners, especially those with a predominant Hispanic workforce to enhance their safety & health culture.

As Affiliate Faculty for the Construction Project Management degree at MSU Denver, she influences the current and future leaders of the construction industry, shaping their mindset towards safety & health the same way they think of budgets and schedules.

She believes every mind is a different world full of wonderful ideas, and when we put our minds together towards the common goal, we can build a stronger industry and society.

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